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Everyone’s carving out their beachhead.

Rec Room focused on user-generated content — and now counts over 12 million user-generated hangouts across its platform.

Ready Player Me narrowed in on customizable avatars and wanting to become “the default avatar system for the metaverse”— and has grown into an ecosystem of 900+ apps & games that now use them.

And Space Metaverse leaned into ecommerce, allowing creators, makers, and entrepreneurs design their own virtual commerce spaces — everything from gaming, arts, fashion, to music and more.

Then on the flipside you have bigtime companies strategically positioning themselves as “blockchain & NFT enablers.”

FTX thru its newly created division, FTX Gaming, is helping game studios integrate blockchain technology and NFTs into their native games.

And Atari is enabling developers to be able to create Atari-branded blockchain games via licensing agreements.

So really, in this instance you have two big directions that you can work towards.

Take the blue pill and help enable game studios & developers alike on their mission to integrate blockchain & NFTs — or take the red pill and lean hard into UGC and let your users create & customize things like their own hangouts, avatars, and virtual shops to their heart’s content.

But to that end, you can create something even more lightweight here — in short, it could take the form of something as straightforward as digital content with zero-to-minimal utility, or something more robust as in a set of API’s — but regardless of the execution, all these tools would essentially help users pull just a bit more value from all the enablers & platforms like the ones mentioned above.

In other words, be their Shopify app to their Shopify store, their Google app to their Chrome browser — you get the idea!


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